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The original World of Warcraft Switch video (a la Apple’s ads) was cute, but I didn’t find it as funny as some people did. The sequel is out and it’s a lot funnier. Plus an undead named Atkins? Haw. (links courtesy o’ my guild)

You know, I’d probably laugh a little louder watching Fear of Girls if Doug-Doug didn’t remind me somewhat of a younger version of myself. Still, I think he should go for it! Hit 8th level tonight, Doug-Doug! Aw yeah.

Tripod sing a song of love and priorities. It’s probably happened before, and fortunately not a situation I’ve put myself in.

[link courtesy o’ ezoons]

Windows Vista is going to sound like the rainbow tunnel at O’Hare International Airport. Kinda. Or the beginning to a meditation audio program.

“I am as one with the BSOD… There is no segmentation fault, everything that exists is as it should be…”

“Don’t Copy That Floppy” was a short film from 1992 extolling the virtues of not pirating software. Fast-forward ten years and you have Metallica and Madonna speaking out about pirating MP3s. The software industry, realizing that top-tier recording artists don’t give a damn about software piracy and never did, create multiple P2P networks and trade digital copies of songs put out by top-tier artists back and forth, just as a matter of soft-spoken revenge.

Also, dig that keyboard-controlled action. What are they playing, Duck Hunt-and-Peck?

[link courtesy o’ Laughing Squid]

That was bad.

GET being Geek Entertainment Television, a new vlog* from Irina and Eddie where they interview people “from inside the bubble.” Along the lines of (the co-authors of which were the first two to be interviewed), it’s not taking all the Web 2.0 hype seriously and encourages the same. That, and they’ll follow any lead. Personally, I’m waiting for them to follow up on my assertation that the Internet is all a giant experiment being performed by the Venusians.

The latest clip is the first released that has me behind the camera. Videolog more: yes, please.

*Every time I write this, I feel like the dude from Ninja Gaiden, seeing as my reaction is usually “….”

At Eddie‘s suggestion, I’m giving a try. Right now I’m slowly uploading the Lap-POP! video to it, but that means I’ve now got a vlog, which still sounds to me like some sort of independent publishing by vampires. Check out jaschu’s recordings and it’ll be just like post-season reruns.

So far I’m digging a lot; it uses for storage (which still means that the uploading will go slowly) but the interface is a lot slicker. Also I love that it keeps track of all sorts of stats and has comments and gives you a subdomain and an RSS feed and all other manner of shiny bits. Once I’m done with the Lap-POP video I’ll try to find time to move on to other short video ideas I have.

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And this is what happens when you leave the video footage within reach of the internet. Snarkcircus remixes He-Man with 4 Non Blondes karaoke. Wow.

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Glenda‘s my Aquarian hetero-San-Francisco-explorer-mate. She brings the Big Apple while I bring the Second City. She read from both her weblog, Agendacide, and her webzine column, Bi-Coastal Disorder.

And as stated before, the battery ran out before Annie Lin’s set, but here’s MJ introducing her. Elsewhere, Eric uploaded her set, so all is not lost! He’s got the first part of the show too.

More from Lap-POP! This time it’s all of us sitting around and listening to Robynn “Nonogirl” Takayama‘s podcast about Quimby’s in Chicago. That being my hometown, I’m quite familiar with the store and got a kick out of her recording. (here’s my account node) has been proving to be pretty slow-going, and uploading files has hiccupped a couple of times, but it’s a free service so I’m not complaining. So far, once the files are up there, they download fairly quickly, which is excellent.