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Category Archives: Video

From the internet video invasion, we have Mr. and Mrs. Bender exploring the new field of straightness, and from A Liam Show we have a teenager getting what she wants. Both set to techno and both addicting views.

I feel bad for these guys, but it's also terribly absurd that anyone would go to such lengths just for 10 minutes of TV

Using the motion sensor in a Macbook, Erling Ellingsen has worked it so that his desktop manager switches desktops when he taps his laptop screen, like a little shove. So fun!

Silvia Night, a character from an Icelandic comedy television program, entered the Eurovision Song Contest and totally fucked with it. Nice. See videos of her performance and a Greek news segment on her involvement.

Sam found the video for Emergency Broadcast Network's Electronic Behavior Control System. Watch it and watch it again, please.

How to make an impression on the QVC home-shopping channel.

Sent to me all this morning: Final Fallacy, WOW: the Text Adventure, and last year’s demo of Spore at GDC. All the gaming links lately make me think I should be working in the games industry, or covering it, or something.

I guess I should be using Youtube more. Recent things aimed my way: the Simpsons made livelier (thanks, Caryl) and some yaoi made sillier.

I wrote this spinoff draft of the Switch/World of Warcraft parodies for 1up’s WoW blog contest. I doubt I’ll win, it’s derivative and mostly me bitching more than I normally would. (But the Uldaman story is true and seriously, wtf, punks.)

Maybe it’s good to win an iPad, though. Who can say.

Steve Burns makes me feel pretty, and he’ll do the same for you.