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I’m mostly not posting here anymore. You can find me here and here. No, I know I was trying not to constantly be on the move. I know.

It’s tomorrow, actually, but in case I don’t get to sit in front of a computer, here’s a message.

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I can’t change the feed link on this page, but if I could, I’d point it to my Feedburner hook-up. But now you know and if you’d be a doll and use that instead? Thanks!

Tap 2 water, 2 air or something, originally uploaded by Jason.

Just a reminder to never, ever name one of your weblog entries with “porno” or anything similar in the title if you don’t want a bunch of people stumbling to your site looking for such. A good third of my traffic in the last couple of weeks has come from people searching for weird porno… and other things. “Ninja Gaiden porno?” Come on, guys…

MJ reminds me of Slide today and that I already had an account set up, so I may as well give it a go. This is the most appaling example of navel-gazing possible, but I needed to test something and my Miss Cleo icon wasn’t going to cut it.

However, won’t let me add javascript to my post entries, so I can only give you the link. Here’s Every picture of me that I had on my work PC for use as an icon.

At Eddie‘s suggestion, I’m giving a try. Right now I’m slowly uploading the Lap-POP! video to it, but that means I’ve now got a vlog, which still sounds to me like some sort of independent publishing by vampires. Check out jaschu’s recordings and it’ll be just like post-season reruns.

So far I’m digging a lot; it uses for storage (which still means that the uploading will go slowly) but the interface is a lot slicker. Also I love that it keeps track of all sorts of stats and has comments and gives you a subdomain and an RSS feed and all other manner of shiny bits. Once I’m done with the Lap-POP video I’ll try to find time to move on to other short video ideas I have.

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…It may as well be on Google for “open up a can of whoopass.” Thanks, Ms. Agendacide.

That’s not me on the Wu-Tang Clan’s forums. Which is too bad, really. And zero postings? Even my clones are slackers.

So I got sick of waiting for a invitation and I started setting up a WordPress installation on my own machine. Right about the time I was copying themes over, I got an invitation. So, what the hell, let’s have it here. Now this record is more than just my problem. I already found a bug to report.