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Category Archives: Tech

Google released codesearch yesterday, and we’ve been having fun at the office reading people’s source comments when we search for certain terms. As Heidi puts it, “It’s an amazing repository for coder pathos made public.”

My favorite bit, for purely whimsical reasons, comes from the MIDI-perl library. Do a search for “freakout” and you might find this:

} else {

It also delights me that so many functions are named freakout() or have “freakout” in their name.


Using the motion sensor in a Macbook, Erling Ellingsen has worked it so that his desktop manager switches desktops when he taps his laptop screen, like a little shove. So fun!

Looking over the latest WordPress themes, here's the ones I really dig:

Found through the latest theme competition. (Link courtesy o' Courtney)

Also, someone's take on the top 10 WordPress plugins. (Link courtesy o' cygnoir's delicious

Ballantine’s Finest P3, apparently.

Windows Vista is going to sound like the rainbow tunnel at O’Hare International Airport. Kinda. Or the beginning to a meditation audio program.

“I am as one with the BSOD… There is no segmentation fault, everything that exists is as it should be…”