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I feel bad for these guys, but it's also terribly absurd that anyone would go to such lengths just for 10 minutes of TV

Silvia Night, a character from an Icelandic comedy television program, entered the Eurovision Song Contest and totally fucked with it. Nice. See videos of her performance and a Greek news segment on her involvement.

<jaschu> Tangent: You know, Henry Rollins is really just looking like someone's scary dad these days.
<vosque> I haven't seen much of him these days.
<vosque> But he always had the scary dad look thing
<vosque> so is is pronounced SFist or s-fist?
<jaschu> "ess-eff-ist"
<jaschu> But that's been a point of contention since their launch.
<pyxl> I've got some nice pix of him
<pyxl> heh
<pyxl> yeah, he's looking a bit grim in that picture.
<jaschu> "You kids better get off my lawn or I'ma get the hose!"
<vosque> He looks kinda lost, actually.
<vosque> So, "I don't know where I am, but get off my lawn."

"In 2004-2006, Arial enjoyed a revival and people figured out a way to make it look halfway decent."

(Thanks to Nik for those links.)

Five teenage girls in Ravenna, Ohio planted 17 boxes around town, each painted to look like a power-up box from the Super Mario Bros. games. You know the ones: you jump into or knock them and they release a coin or a power-up.

Apparently some people freak out at gold boxes with question marks on them, and now the girls could face criminal charges because the bomb squad was called in to deal with some of the boxes.

I'm seriously hoping the charges get dropped. I can't say that they're outright ridiculous; if I were leaving thematic public art around, I'd place it a little more strategically, where those who would come across it would appreciate it for what it was. But still. The Super Mario line has been out for over 20 years; you can't tell me that there's not a single person on the bomb squad who's ever played Nintendo. C'mon.

The site that details how to make life-sized power-up blocks now has a preface that touches on that: "Not everyone has the same cultural context." Okay, that's fair, but… with computer games being as prevalent as they are nowadays, some electronic cultural literacy could do the authorities some good. This stuff's just going to keep on happening.

I do. Without any irony.

But at their most put-on-the-spot, they are really funny.

And I forgot I can't embed YouTube videos on a weblog, so click over yonder, young internet seekers.

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. Not much more to say, really. 

How to make an impression on the QVC home-shopping channel.