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Washington Post finally comes to the table and talks about gay gamers and virtual spaces. No new territory is covered that hasn’t been covered if you follow this sort of thing.

Sent to me all this morning: Final Fallacy, WOW: the Text Adventure, and last year’s demo of Spore at GDC. All the gaming links lately make me think I should be working in the games industry, or covering it, or something.

I wrote this spinoff draft of the Switch/World of Warcraft parodies for 1up’s WoW blog contest. I doubt I’ll win, it’s derivative and mostly me bitching more than I normally would. (But the Uldaman story is true and seriously, wtf, punks.)

Maybe it’s good to win an iPad, though. Who can say.


The original World of Warcraft Switch video (a la Apple’s ads) was cute, but I didn’t find it as funny as some people did. The sequel is out and it’s a lot funnier. Plus an undead named Atkins? Haw. (links courtesy o’ my guild)

An off-hand comment and suddenly me and Jonas are working on another weblog. It’s not ready for prime time and I guess we’re keeping it under the radar for the time being (or just being lazy and not pimping it out to the appropriate channels), but we both experiment on/with World of Warcraft so it was probably inevitable.

If I know you and you’re interested in writing for WoWzers, let me know. I’ve signed on a couple writers and I’m not adverse to more. There’s no weekly quota or anything, we just figured a group weblog would be fun.

WoW Apple iPod 60GB

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Organ bankers, originally uploaded by Jason.

Really, it’s like organ jacking at the zoo sometimes.

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Dave Chappelle digs World of Warcraft, right on.

“You know what I’ve been playing a lot of?” the comedian reportedly asked the crowd. “World of Warcraft!” When a few cheers broke out, he reportedly responded, “I knew I had some geek brothers and sisters up in here!” Chappelle also was said to have expressed his amusement seeing WoW characters with names referring to his most famous sketches, including a rogue with a name inspired by the famous “I’m Rick James, Bitch” sketch.

Criminy, I think I’ve seen that guy. The “Imrickjamesbitch” rogue. Or I saw someone in FFXI with it, maybe, a year or so ago. It’s probably a popular moniker in online games, if you can snag it.


Korvisaayu learns cooking