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Nicole: i think vlog is a horrible word
Jason: Vlog the Implogger
Nicole: it doesn't roll off the tongue at all
Kevin: yeah i think the marketer should come up with a new buzzword. how about vournal?
Jason: "vi-log" pronounced vuh-lahzh'
Kevin: "i'm so addicted to video journals, i've got vournal disease"
Jason: vournal is good too, there's a lot of tie-ins. You could have a con in spring called Vournal Equinox
Jason: What.
Nicole: that's the ONLY tie-in. unless, uh, you go to the city of Vernal, UT. (just googled)
Jason: Not necessarily. What about that Ernest guy? "Hey, Vournal!"
Nicole: i can now see the evolution of the word condensed to just "Vern"
Jason: But "Vourn"
Nicole: Vourn sounds more like mourn, no? the round o
Kevin: how about just Vee. it's like Wee. but better.
Jason: OMG. People could have Vs about Wiis
Nicole: hee
Kevin: and you could tie it with V for Vendetta marketing, and use all the V words that V uses
Jason: hahaha!
Nicole: and like, have a tie-in with the V show from the '80s, and have people ripping off their faces
Kevin: and and
Kevin: have a ton of asian tourists on marketing material
Nicole: oooh! dude.
Kevin: (jumping up and down in excitement)


<jaschu> Tangent: You know, Henry Rollins is really just looking like someone's scary dad these days.
<vosque> I haven't seen much of him these days.
<vosque> But he always had the scary dad look thing
<vosque> so is is pronounced SFist or s-fist?
<jaschu> "ess-eff-ist"
<jaschu> But that's been a point of contention since their launch.
<pyxl> I've got some nice pix of him
<pyxl> heh
<pyxl> yeah, he's looking a bit grim in that picture.
<jaschu> "You kids better get off my lawn or I'ma get the hose!"
<vosque> He looks kinda lost, actually.
<vosque> So, "I don't know where I am, but get off my lawn."

From IRC: 

she's off in rochester, quoting obvious people and pretending that laziness is enlightenment.

Blastula? I got this image in my mailbox this morning. My response was:

There is so much going on in this picture. It’s Santa! But he has doppelgangers. And there’s tea! But the tea has a pink triangle on it so it’s gay tea. And there’s teabags, and gay + teabags + Santas and already you have some weird Daddy clone teabagging threesome porno waiting to happen.

This is why I’m not in marketing, btw.

Organ bankers, originally uploaded by Jason.

Really, it’s like organ jacking at the zoo sometimes.

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Technologically-proficient households are fun. And good for not getting each other sick.

jaschu: So I just had a thought.
turkeybot: yeah?
jaschu: Remember Kibo from the early days of the internet?
turkeybot: well Trillian wikipedia’d for me, and I’m still not sure what it is
jaschu: Kibo was this hacker dude, and he set up some programs so that any time someone said “Kibo” on usenet, he’d know about it and could go make an appearance.
jaschu: And there ended up being this tongue-in-cheek cult that sprung up around Kibo. Kibology.
turkeybot: weird
turkeybot: like bloody mary
jaschu: Because apparently, back then, staying up on the whole of usenet was this really big deal, even though he was just doing some pattern-matching on a large scale.
turkeybot: and now he makes millions at google?
jaschu: (Who’s bloody mary? Wait, hold that thought.)
turkeybot: ;)
jaschu: Man, I don’t know what he does these days. But I was just thinking, how terribly mundane it is to see if your name or, really, any string shows up somewhere on usenet or the web or anything.
jaschu: I mean, you’ve got search engines, Technorati, usenet is searchable… it’s all old hat.
turkeybot: serious
turkeybot: but it makes me feel better that strangers look at my flickr
turkeybot: :)
turkeybot: whats yer point? it’s lame? or now it’s mundane… used to be cultish?
jaschu: Just that the internet gods of old were only based on how distributed their technology was.
turkeybot: hmm
jaschu: And that how we don’t seem to have fun shit like that nowadays.
jaschu: Here we go, wikipedia link.
turkeybot: aaah…
turkeybot: I want to disagree
turkeybot: some memes were pretty fun
turkeybot: all your base… that one ruled
turkeybot: bloody mary, like you spin around in front of a mirror chanting her name with your eyes closed, then you open them and see her in the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
turkeybot: so like typing that dude’s name
jaschu: Okay, that’s true. And I was about to say that there wasn’t the same level of participation in AYB, but there were all those photoshopped bits thrown out there, multiple versions.
jaschu: Yeah, gotcha.
turkeybot: yeah and some other people knew about it
turkeybot: and you used it in a joke to me two days ago
jaschu: I did?
turkeybot: about yahoo buying the world
jaschu: Oh, right, right. “All your web services are belong to us.”
jaschu: Memory is short.
turkeybot: hee
turkeybot: it was classic, I enjoyed it
jaschu: I have a special place in my heart for the Pusher Robot and the Shover Robot.


agendacide: You scored as Zoe Alleyne Washburne, 88%.
The Soldier. You are the second in command, and that is fine. You like a chain of command, but only when the one in charge has earnt your respect. Those who earn your love or loyalty will find no one better to guard their back.
jaschu: Awesome!
agendacide: uhm, i’m not THAT militant of a person, am i?
jaschu: No, but you’re loyal and you get shit done.
jaschu: Very Zoe.
jaschu: No WONDER we get along.
jaschu: We’re Wash and Zoe!
agendacide: but if you get killed i’m going to cry.
agendacide: for like, 10 minutes
jaschu: Oh shit.
jaschu: Right?
agendacide: and then open up a can of whoopass on the motherfuckers that did that to you
jaschu: You better. Just watch your back, okay? You got cut up the spine last time.

Korvisaayu learns cooking