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Nicole: i think vlog is a horrible word
Jason: Vlog the Implogger
Nicole: it doesn't roll off the tongue at all
Kevin: yeah i think the marketer should come up with a new buzzword. how about vournal?
Jason: "vi-log" pronounced vuh-lahzh'
Kevin: "i'm so addicted to video journals, i've got vournal disease"
Jason: vournal is good too, there's a lot of tie-ins. You could have a con in spring called Vournal Equinox
Jason: What.
Nicole: that's the ONLY tie-in. unless, uh, you go to the city of Vernal, UT. (just googled)
Jason: Not necessarily. What about that Ernest guy? "Hey, Vournal!"
Nicole: i can now see the evolution of the word condensed to just "Vern"
Jason: But "Vourn"
Nicole: Vourn sounds more like mourn, no? the round o
Kevin: how about just Vee. it's like Wee. but better.
Jason: OMG. People could have Vs about Wiis
Nicole: hee
Kevin: and you could tie it with V for Vendetta marketing, and use all the V words that V uses
Jason: hahaha!
Nicole: and like, have a tie-in with the V show from the '80s, and have people ripping off their faces
Kevin: and and
Kevin: have a ton of asian tourists on marketing material
Nicole: oooh! dude.
Kevin: (jumping up and down in excitement)


  1. With a capital “V”
    that stands for “vourn”
    that rhymes with “Jorn”.

    Oh, we got trouble.

  2. Vajournal?

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