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Silvia Night, a character from an Icelandic comedy television program, entered the Eurovision Song Contest and totally fucked with it. Nice. See videos of her performance and a Greek news segment on her involvement.

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  1. Oh, how magnificent… The Eurovision people just can’t stand the irony of it all. Silvia isn’t the first such character to emerge however. I remember the Hamburg headlines shouting, “Gut gemacht Guildo!” the morning after Germany fielded a parody candidate of its own… in 1998, I think. (That was the year that Dana Internationale, a transexual from Israel, won.) Guildo went down in flames with a number that pulled out every cliché of the Eurovision popsong genre in full Shlager form. But, of course, he was almost a national hero and a public sign that somehow Germans had a better sense of the pretense of the contest than so many other Europeans. Served.

    Gut gemacht Silvia! –
    – Kurt

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