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<jaschu> Tangent: You know, Henry Rollins is really just looking like someone's scary dad these days.
<vosque> I haven't seen much of him these days.
<vosque> But he always had the scary dad look thing
<vosque> so is is pronounced SFist or s-fist?
<jaschu> "ess-eff-ist"
<jaschu> But that's been a point of contention since their launch.
<pyxl> I've got some nice pix of him
<pyxl> heh
<pyxl> yeah, he's looking a bit grim in that picture.
<jaschu> "You kids better get off my lawn or I'ma get the hose!"
<vosque> He looks kinda lost, actually.
<vosque> So, "I don't know where I am, but get off my lawn."

One Comment

  1. I only hope I look at that good at his age.

    Have you ever seen his movie show on IFC?

    I really like it.

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