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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Silvia Night, a character from an Icelandic comedy television program, entered the Eurovision Song Contest and totally fucked with it. Nice. See videos of her performance and a Greek news segment on her involvement.

Looking over the latest WordPress themes, here's the ones I really dig:

Found through the latest theme competition. (Link courtesy o' Courtney)

Also, someone's take on the top 10 WordPress plugins. (Link courtesy o' cygnoir's delicious


<jaschu> Tangent: You know, Henry Rollins is really just looking like someone's scary dad these days.
<vosque> I haven't seen much of him these days.
<vosque> But he always had the scary dad look thing
<vosque> so is is pronounced SFist or s-fist?
<jaschu> "ess-eff-ist"
<jaschu> But that's been a point of contention since their launch.
<pyxl> I've got some nice pix of him
<pyxl> heh
<pyxl> yeah, he's looking a bit grim in that picture.
<jaschu> "You kids better get off my lawn or I'ma get the hose!"
<vosque> He looks kinda lost, actually.
<vosque> So, "I don't know where I am, but get off my lawn."

Fun article from the SF Gate on real-life ghost hunters and a weekend conference held in Mendocino, in two parts. Sounds fun, actually, and I say this as someone who doesn't believe in ghosts. (I'm sure they're running into something, I just don't know what.) Lots of fun moments from the weekend:

After the lights come on, Sarah Disparti looks at what her camera captured and is wildly excited about a few images of brightly colored lights in the darkness. The group quickly hooks up the computer they travel with, and when the images are downloaded and displayed, there is disappointment in the first few.

"What do you think this is?" asks Young to the excited teen.

"A ghost?" she asks eagerly.

"No, honey — it's a reflection of your flash."

But at the last image — bursts of light in purple, pink and white — there is a resounding "ahhh!" Even the pragmatic Young is impressed. This is the mother lode for ghost hunters.

Dee Disparti hugs her daughter. "My little medium," she smiles.

One of the organizations mentioned in the article, Ghost Trackers, based in Santa Clara, has a radio show and a podcast. I think I'm going to have to finally sit down and set up something to grab some feeds…

"In 2004-2006, Arial enjoyed a revival and people figured out a way to make it look halfway decent."

Four Second Fury is all about the minigames. Surprisingly fun even if it encourages ADD.