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I'm quite excited that the new Katamari game for PSP is out, even if it doesn't translate 100% well to a handheld. I'll be happy to battle it out with the locals for Katamari supremacy.

However, I gotta ask the King of All Cosmos… what's with the spandex fetish?

picture of the King of All Cosmos

Yeah, "accidental tsunami," sure. We know what happened, King, you rascal.


  1. Remember the days of airbrushed underwear models in the Sears catalog (boy am I dating and incriminating myself! But really, I read about it in a gay magazine).

    Anynow: long, long gone.

    Sheesh, that just leaves NOTHING to the imagination.

  2. I played Katamari for the first time this week, and I LOVE it. I dreamed about rolling up all the crap in my room last night. Bugger the roomba, I need a katamari for my house.

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