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Sam found the video for Emergency Broadcast Network's Electronic Behavior Control System. Watch it and watch it again, please.


  1. Participate in your own manipulation! (Yes!)

    Jeez, I need to dig this CD out of my closet. Not sure why it’s not on my iPod.

  2. Ah, yes. EBN. And the link takes you (albeit brokenly) to (“God’s Country”?) from where you can springboard into all the technological black magic that EBN have deployed. Interesting stuff. Seems there’s a peculiar affinity to Philip Zimbardo, too, who hosts the edu-TV series on psychology… Zimbardo is strewn through all that EBN stuff.

    Question in the general case… Why is all this cut-up stuff so pre-occupied with the psychological? There’s a beat for the booty, but it’s brain-bound so often, too. EBN, Meat Beat Manifesto, Dimensional Holophonic Sound (“The House of God” et al.) are all very club-oriented. But they all court schizophrenia in their work, too. The media deeds we did in Loofah Method (on the periphery of Meat Beat and DHS) were also psycho like that, owing significantly to the ensemble’s chief musical composer and performer, Mark Messing. Scattershot voices in this format have to keep nagging you all the time, and you _will_ suffer them through the art. Problem is, it sometimes comes off as blunt trauma, the skill of the composer, detail in the video, and catchiness of the music not withstanding. After not too short a while, I find it very tiring. I can’t watch.

    As an aesthetic departure from this, I wonder whether people will find a way to be as political and deft with the media, but smoother and more focussed, less eclectic, more concinous. Is this something that could be done with present technology, or will we have to wait for yet another iteration of software and hardware development to enable less hodge-podge looking works?

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