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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Tap 2 water, 2 air or something, originally uploaded by Jason.

Dammit, as I was typing that title it came out “fist goatse.” Which I guess already happened.

Anyway, Scott points out that his friend Laszlo is documenting people’s first reactions to Goatse. I wish I had thought of that.

An off-hand comment and suddenly me and Jonas are working on another weblog. It’s not ready for prime time and I guess we’re keeping it under the radar for the time being (or just being lazy and not pimping it out to the appropriate channels), but we both experiment on/with World of Warcraft so it was probably inevitable.

If I know you and you’re interested in writing for WoWzers, let me know. I’ve signed on a couple writers and I’m not adverse to more. There’s no weekly quota or anything, we just figured a group weblog would be fun.

Windows Vista is going to sound like the rainbow tunnel at O’Hare International Airport. Kinda. Or the beginning to a meditation audio program.

“I am as one with the BSOD… There is no segmentation fault, everything that exists is as it should be…”

“Don’t Copy That Floppy” was a short film from 1992 extolling the virtues of not pirating software. Fast-forward ten years and you have Metallica and Madonna speaking out about pirating MP3s. The software industry, realizing that top-tier recording artists don’t give a damn about software piracy and never did, create multiple P2P networks and trade digital copies of songs put out by top-tier artists back and forth, just as a matter of soft-spoken revenge.

Also, dig that keyboard-controlled action. What are they playing, Duck Hunt-and-Peck?

[link courtesy o’ Laughing Squid]

As sung and animated by Nellie M. I think David Lee Roth is the most important takeaway here.