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As sung and animated by Nellie M. I think David Lee Roth is the most important takeaway here.


  1. The Cloud Song is one of the best Final Fantasy flash movies I’ve ever seen. Cloud is so cute.

  2. Yay! CLoud rocks! Awesome Bishiness

  3. This song is great. ^_^ MEH LOVED IT

  4. this song is so cute and funny I kept laughing. This damn computer wont let me watch it again though!

  5. Cloud is the Cutest little person ever it was so funny I couldnt help laughing. My lame computer wont play it again! Damn it!

  6. I love the Cloud song just because it’s sooooooo catchy. My computer won’t let me play it again either! It SUCKS!

  7. i loved that flash it was sooooooooooooo cute if you want to see it agian and your computer wont let you see it then go to UTube and look for it there

  8. i luv the cloud song!

  9. who wrote the cloud song

  10. it sucks

  11. I like the song i sing it in school in front of my classmates and teachers and by now they probly now it off by heart like i do!!!! xp!!!

  12. sorry about the frist coment it was my little sister typing!

  13. Sorry about the frist coment it was my little sister typing!^_^’
    BTW a person on deviantArt made up the song,DeMonAnGeL

  14. I love the clous song it’s so CUTE!!!! I love the pic of seperoth. (can’t spell)

  15. haha i had to watch it about five times to get everything you’re saying. I LOVE that song! it’s so funny! especially the part about Sephiroth…haha 2 Bishy 4 You

  16. actually the cloud song was made by a persong named nellie something, his deviant art profile name is spookydoom, but the flash isn’t on there anymore

  17. and i just LOVE the cloud song, especially the part about his hair, lol

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