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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Glenda‘s my Aquarian hetero-San-Francisco-explorer-mate. She brings the Big Apple while I bring the Second City. She read from both her weblog, Agendacide, and her webzine column, Bi-Coastal Disorder.

And as stated before, the battery ran out before Annie Lin’s set, but here’s MJ introducing her. Elsewhere, Eric uploaded her set, so all is not lost! He’s got the first part of the show too.

More from Lap-POP! This time it’s all of us sitting around and listening to Robynn “Nonogirl” Takayama‘s podcast about Quimby’s in Chicago. That being my hometown, I’m quite familiar with the store and got a kick out of her recording. (here’s my account node) has been proving to be pretty slow-going, and uploading files has hiccupped a couple of times, but it’s a free service so I’m not complaining. So far, once the files are up there, they download fairly quickly, which is excellent.

Lap-POP!: ErnieI’ve been working on the Lap-POP! videos,, and iMovie compression tips from Freevlog all weekend, and I’m getting close to finishing the uploading. Here are some from the first batch, featuring Ernie reading from Little Yellow Different.

The camera is shaky at parts, as I don’t have a tripod… mea culpa! Indie media ain’t always perfect, folks.

Today, radio is filled with everything but itself. It is, as McLuhan observed, one of those formally original mediums now using other mediums as its content. Mostly, radio is now about the record industry, and this general reliance on musical “products”, produced and pre-recorded completely outside the realm of radio, is typical of radio’s retreat to a status of reference medium. […] This mediumistic “necessity” to couch all content in a bed of explanations extends even more to whatever forms of new art mass media does decide to present. The confusion level, particularly in experimental art, is so great that mass media virtually never allows us to experience it “raw”, as the artist intended. Although few art concepts include announcers doing biographical intros, summary outros, or analysis of any kind, when such works appear in mass media such mollifying comforts are apparently indispensable. Again, our mass mediums are not interested in being something, they only want to be about something.

“Get Your Own Show”, an essay by Don Joyce

Recently ex-roommate and dear-to-my-heart MJ got interviewed in SFist’s Bay Blogger Thursday.

I’m posting live from Lap-POP! Ernie, Robynn and Glenda were terribly entertaining and I got it all on video to be posted later. Annie Lin is playing now, and she’s also entertaining, but my camera’s battery has taken this opportunity to die, so I can’t videotape her set. So sorry, Annie! (And she posted from the event. Nice.)

Also, tonight got podcasted. there was some promotional foo in a podcast.

…It may as well be on Google for “open up a can of whoopass.” Thanks, Ms. Agendacide.

Never mind the reiterative, which bills itself as a “Social Social Tagging Site Tagging Site™”—I know! Whatever it is you just said, that’s what I said too!—but continue on to their weblog, which keeps an eye on this so-called Web 2.0 and those keeping an eye on it… which in turn seems terribly tiring, except that if you care about or involved in this stuff in any way, they are incredibly fucking funny. Start with Teen Panel at Web 2.0 and the Slide Launch Party.

A break from the online tidbits to bring you online tidbits about an offline tidbit about online tidbits.

Lap-POP! is coming up on Thursday at SPACE180, 180 Capp St., 3rd floor @ 17th; if you’re a Bay Arean you should go. It features Asian-American peeps putting it out there online. Roommates current and past are involved in this show, as well as other good friends. It’ll be a good time, I promise.

Buzzlets about Lap-POP!:

There’s a bigger story here I don’t have time to write just yet, but this weekend I participated in a round of Tombstone Hold ‘Em in Colma’s Italian Cemetery. My roommate has pictures up, and there are tons more if you search for the Flickr tags lastcallpoker, graveyardgames and tombstoneholdem. Jane, who help put the day’s games together, put a set together of some of her photos.

The main thing to remember is this: Tombstone Hold ‘Em works just like Texas Hold ‘Em, only backwards[…] Each team has 3 minutes to leave the table and pick any two pocket cards (tombstones) they want, to make their best 5-card hand. The only rule in picking your pocket pair is that teammates have to be able to touch both stones and each other at the same time. So you’re touching one stone, your teammate’s touching the other, and somewhere in between you meet. If you can’t make the reach, you can’t pick the pair.